Playground Warriors

Playground Warriors

Playground Warriors Bandana Levels:
This Program Combines Ninja Warrior, parkour, and Calisthenics Training.
Our hope is to watch students overcome fears and achieve individual goals while Encouraging others to do the same.
Each bandana level represents a verity of strength exercises and skills for Students to work
toward as they train. Every student begins with a white bandana
Testing days are held every 4 months to give students an opportunity to show their
growth and test into the next bandana level.
Coaches wll provide testing dates ahead of time to allow students time to schedule and prepare
Below are the strength exercises and skills required to obtain each bandana level.
Grey Bandana
45 Second Dead Hang
1 Strict Pull Up
5 Strict Push Ups
5 Knee Raises
Simple Shoulder Roll
Safety Vault
3.5 ft Precision
Box Jump onto regular box
Swing 180
Go across 4 rings)
10ft Warped Wall (using aft assist)
Green Bandana
1.5 Minute Dead Hang
5 Strict Pull Up
10 Strict Push Ups
10 Knee Raises (to shoulders)
Cat Grab to High Wall
Drop Safety Roll
Speed Vault
Dive Roll over Rainbow
4 ft Lache
5 It Precision
Box Jump onto regular box lifted sideways
Dragon 360
Up & Down Ninja Ladder
Go Across 4 Cannon Balls
10ft Warped Wall with 5ft Run Up
Purple Bandana
2 Minute Dead Hang
10 Strict Pull Up
15 Strict Push Ups
10 Dips
10 Leg Raises (Toes to Bar)
Highest Wall to Lower Wall Precision
Kong Vault
Dash Vault
Dive Kong
6ft Lache to high wall
Box Jump to A-frame
Tic Tac to Cat Grab
Pull Over on Bar, to Straight Bar Dip 3x
to negative Muscle up
Spinning Log
7 ft Precision (box)
Advanced Dive Roll
12ft Warped Wall
Orange Bandana
45 Second L-sit Dead Hang
5 Muscle Ups, to 5 bar dips, to 5 pull ups
1 Dragon Flag
10 Second Tuck Planche
5 Second Handstand
Kip Up to Forward Roll to Flyaway
Bar Hop to Dragon 360
Precision to Pillar
8ft Precision
Front Flip off Red Block
Turn Vauit
Swing 360
Ninja Ladder to Cliff Hanger Ledges
18ft Lache
Jump to Cat, 180 Cat back to Precision
1 Lap Ring toss
1 Salmon Ladder Rung Up
8ft Lache from UFO to Grimace Cannonball
14ft Warped Wall
Black Bandana
10 Muscle Ups
Handstand Press (L Sit or tuck) to 10 Second Handstand
3 Second Front Lever
3 Second Straddle Planche
I Salmon Ladder (4 rungs)
180 to 8ft Lache
Precision to High Bar to Drop Precision to A-frame
Double Kong
Kong Precision
Precision 3 Pillars
1 Inch Clift Hanger Lache to 1 inch Cliff Hanger
Steps, Pegs, and Rings together
14 ft Warped Wall (6lt run up)
Choose between Backllip or Front Flip
Choose between Swing 540 or Geinger
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